Stamfrey Farm Organics


Stamfrey Farm Organics

Family Farm

Stamfrey Farm Organics, North Yorkshire

The Gaudies have been at Stamfrey Farm since 1963.

The farm has been organic since 2001 and has seen nature flourish as a result.

Self sufficient

The Milk Shed

The milk shed was built from scratch using oak from the farm.

Solar panels provide power to the shed.

Fresh milk

Award-Winning Organic Milk

Stamfrey farm’s award-winning organic milk is put in the machine within just 2 hours.

Our milk is gently pasteurised but not homogenised (cream will rise).

Our Products

Thriving cows

Grass-fed cows

Our grass fed cows enjoy a natural diet, no synthetic fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides used.

Our milk is 100% organic & antibiotic free.