Clotted Cream

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Clotted Cream

Stamfrey Farm

Clotted Cream

Stamfrey Farm’s clotted cream is made using milk from our herd of 150 organic, grass-fed cows.

Fresh form the farm, the whole milk is collected. The next step is to separate the rich Yorkshire cream from the rest of the milk. The cream then gets hand-poured into either 113g or 454g pots.

The final stage of our clotted cream production is the cooking process. Our cream is cooked gently over a water bath - the traditional way. This is what gives Stamfrey Farm’s organic clotted cream its unique velvety texture and irresistible crust on the top.

Stamfrey Clotted Cream


What's inside?

Purely the cream from whole milk! All the milk we use to make our products is produced by our organic, grass-fed cows who contentedly graze the fields overlooking the North Yorkshire Moors. Life is good for our cows!

Available in

113g pot & 454g tub

Try some of our favourite ways to enjoy Stamfrey Farm Organics clotted cream. We love it with...

  • Rich chocolate brownie
  • Wholesome fruit crumble
  • Banana and a sprinkling of sugar
  • Fresh waffles and fruit compote
  • Very summery summer pudding
  • And of course the classic homemade scone and strawberry jam